Why Freeze Dried Food And Dehydrated Food Are The Ideal Survival And Emergency Food?

Natural disasters are a reality that we cannot just wish away. There is no area of the earth that has, at one time or another, not faced the fury of nature. Tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes, floods and blizzards are happening with increasing frequency and scientists, geologists and world leaders are fast tracking the reasons for this increasing regularity.

No one knows when the next calamity will hit and its best to have an emergency food plan in place. However, many people are not sure about whether they should store freeze dried food or dehydrated food and which is the better of the two as far as emergency food storage is concerned.

The truth is that both types are excellent as emergency food and the ideal thing to do is store a combination of the two. Both are excellent for long term food storage and their shelf life is enduring and long-term.

The difference between the two is in taste as dehydrated foods are normally packed without any seasoning and other ingredients to spice up the taste and one would have to add something to them to make them taste better. They are usually single ingredients like rice or whole grain. The only difference between the rice you buy at the supermarket and dehydrated rice is that the latter is packed under special and stringent conditions to ensure an unusually long life. Moreover, dehydrated food will need cooking and seasoning.

However, the cooking is not laborious or extensive. Just add hot water or put the food in a thermos filled with boiling hot water and it will cook by itself – of course it will have to remain there for a couple of hours, but it does reduce the amount of energy and exertion. Of course you can cook them over the stove as well. Dehydrated food, like whole grains, legumes, rice, vegetables are basically raw and by adding water you are simply reversing the dehydrating process and rehydrating them.

Freeze dried foods, unlike dehydrated foods are ready to eat food that already has appropriate seasoning and a host of other ingredients added to it. Furthermore, the food has been cleaned, peeled, trimmed and is ready to use. There is not much to do when you want to eat them. Just put them in hot water to rehydrate them and within a quarter of an hour, you have hot piping and delicious food on the table, or wherever you are, ready to eat.

Among the best providers of emergency and survival food are Provident Provisions, a food storage store and a warehouse, a packaging company of fresh, high quality, affordable grains, beans, drinks, cooking essentials, mixes and dehydrated foods.

Irrespective of when you open Provident Provisions food you will find that they have retained practically all their fresh food taste and have not diminished in vitamins and nutritional value. Some of their foods have a shelf-life of up to thirty years. In addition they are the finest foods, which have been selected from the best and picked when fresh. A stringent selection policy ensures that only the best materials are used and those that don’t pass the rigorous test are discarded.

So confident are they of the quality of their products that they offer free samples for you to test and try at home. Choose from either their freeze foods or dehydrated foods and simply enter the Coupon Code Freeship at checkout to receive your free samples and you don’t even have to pay for shipping – it is the store’s belief that you will be hooked for life.


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